We value life. We enjoy its moments.
And we will be very happy to become
part of the most exciting and interesting
events in the lives of our customers,
giving them comfort and the sense
of perfect style.

Anna Rebrik
co-founder of Linen & Lace



About us

Linen & Lace is a manufacturer of designer linen products. From clothes to table linens.

We offer a unique product that undergoes a complete production cycle — from an experimental model to the sale of finished designer products.

The mission of Linen & Lace is to create products that become favourite to those who value sustainability, comfort and design.

Our story


Princess M. K. Tenisheva is a famous arts patron who collected folk art pieces. At the end of the 19th century Maria Klavdievna established an art centre at her Talashkino estate. Embroidery occupied a special place there. Our factory has grown out of the famous noblewoman’s art workshops.

In 1930, in the village of Gvozdovo, next to Talashkino, the 13 years of October artistic embroidery craft artel was founded. Employees created hand-made lace and embroidery, sticking to the traditional Smolensk patterns which mostly consist of geometric and floral designs.

Then in Smolensk, there appeared an artistic embroidery factory, which grew into the Smolensk association of artistic crafts.

In 1991 we left the association to become an independent enterprise. This moment marked the beginning of the modern history of the factory. In 2018, we decided to bring our 100 year history forward and created a modern international brand — Linen & Lace.


We are located at:
83, Shevchenko street,
Smolensk, Russia

Here you can ask us any questions you may have.